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Customer Experience & Marketing

More growth with personalised experiences

The goal

Customer-centric solutions

KPS has a comprehensive approach to CX management that is entirely customer driven. With personalised customer journeys, consistent across all touchpoints, and the seamless integration of customer experience and business processes, our clients can create effective customer experiences, build stronger customer loyalty and ensure operational excellence.

Interview with Siegrun Löffelholz from Globus


Sigrun Löffelholz

The Globus marketing manager on the objectives of the "My Globus" programme, tight schedules and the achievement of important milestones with KPS.
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The KPS Agenda for Customer Management, Marketing & Loyalty

  • Initialise a comprehensive single view of your customer data across all touchpoints - including master data and behavioural data. 
  • Deliver personalised and data-driven marketing campaigns across the whole customer journey
  • Establish a coherent content strategy for all relevant customer touchpoints.
  • Create a personalised and consistent loyalty experience across all customer interactions 
  • Seamlessly integrate your CX (marketing and loyalty) and business processes for easy and efficient scaling 

Instant Transformation

Get personal now!

Over the years, we discovered the power of customer loyalty and set new standards in customer experience and retention based on KPS Best-in-Class processes. With a universal view, we coordinate your CX processes with your business processes to conveniently provide personalised and relevant content, like appropriate offers. To ensure the personalisation hits the mark, we incorporate all your channels and centralise your data masters.



Together, we leverage your growth potential and create a comprehensive customer experience in conjunction with effective after-sales and loyalty activities, that inspire your customers and drive satisfaction, long after their purchase is complete.

KPS implemented the new system in line with our requirements and within an extremely short time frame, and delivered the requisite in-country professional user training for our employees.
Bjørn Dalen Director IT Systems & Operations at Elkjøp

Instant Transformation

Fast and secure to seamless business with KPS

With our KPS Experience Packages, we work with you to ensure the successful transformation of your processes - right from day one. You benefit from our in-depth expertise, our exceptional methods and the unique interplay of retrievable processes and targeted customisation.


Just one month to completely future-proof customer experience or retention.


Use innovative, best-in-class KPS processes for customer centricity and personalisation.

A team cheers

Extensive stakeholder, project and change management for successful transformation.


Achieve operational excellence with tailored CX business services

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Seamless integration of customised CX processes – entirely holistic and end-to-end.


Mit innovativen Technologien und exzellenten Partnerschaften liefert KPS nachhaltige Wertschöpfung

Let’s go

Together we can find the perfect start

With our ready-to-use products, we pick you up exactly where you are in terms of customer experience.


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Dr. Lucas Calmbach, Partner KPS

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