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Retail and wholesale

Transformation meets customer experience

Radically rethink

Unlimited possibilities for customer experience

During the Corona crisis in 2020, online market share grew by 20 years in a just a few months. Some changes in customer behaviour will stay for the long term. The opportunity now:  Rethink your customer experience. How do I set up organisation and processes to become even more customer-centric and agile? Where and how in the customer journey can my best people add a new level of relationship, empathy, humanity and delight to the customer experience? Do I have the right controls in place to navigate agile? How can I link and implement all the issues?


With over a million consultant hours in the retail sector - we know your business and link it to the opportunity of new technologies. Think ahead, implement. Throughout the entire company - from all customer interactions to the core business in ERP to finance. Let's change your company together!

This is a once in a generation initiative, the biggest of its kind ever at Coop, and naturally our expectations are high. We have decided on KPS as partner to guide us on this journey, based on their experience in the grocery retail industry and a very hands-on approach to make business and IT succeed together.
Claus Byskov ERP Programme Director, COOP Danmark


Electronics retailer successfully defends itself against Amazon & Co.

KPS and Elkjøp lay the foundation for Next Generation Retail - a complete B2X platform for all countries within the Elkjøp Group. The online customer experience was implemented as a headless single page application, integrated with Core Media and SAP Commerce Cloud. A truly sophisticated customer journey for all touchpoints, the latest technology and an unparalleled look and feel not found elsewhere in Europe.


Instant Platform for wholesale and retail

Ready-to-use omnichannel platform for all customer-related interactions as well as the operational core business in retail and wholesale for various core assortments such as electronics, household appliances, furniture, healthcare, pet and plant supplies, personal care & beauty products and services. Business scenarios, use cases and best practice in full omnichannel ensure a jump start in your transformation.

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More than 1,300 companies, communities, and organisations in Norway alone now use our platform. KPS implemented the new system in line with our requirements and within an extremely short time frame, and delivered the requisite in-country professional user training for our employees.
Bjørn Dalen Director IT Systems & Operations ELKJØP

Globus self-service department stores

SAP as the foundation for a fully integrated customer interaction platform

Bernd Grande, IT Manager at Globus SB Warenhaus, overlooked the implementation of the retailer's Customer Interaction Platform. 600,000 customers of the Globus loyalty programme 'My Globus', 11 million transaction records and 60,000 voucher records were successfully migrated. All loyalty information is available in SAP CRM LOY and in SAP Marketing. The SAP Customer Data Cloud manages the customer profiles and data protection compliant consents. Via the data warehouse solution, receipt data and totals are transferred to SAP CRM LOY and replicated in all surrounding systems.
KPS has successfully implemented a stable SAP system landscape for our entire customer management in a very short time. The customer data migration and integration with existing systems both went off smoothly and to our complete satisfaction.
Bernd Grande IT Manager, Globus
The support we received from KPS was nothing short of exceptional, with fast turnaround, and best practice at every stage of the implementation.
Alex Protasiuk Lead Digital Relationship Manager, Brakes


Successful furniture retailer faces ambitious growth

The Rocket Internet company implemented a central platform with SAP S/4 HANA Merchandising, the prototype was completed in 3 months, the go live took place including SAP C4C and C/4S after 13 months.


Brigitte Wittekind, Member of the Board at Home24, talks about the successful SAP implementation at the rapidly growing online furniture retailer.


Thorsten Wenzel, Managing Partner KPS AG

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