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NO CHANGE Without your employees

How to actively address change in your business

Your company is a complex system, various organizational units, a multitude of business processes, information technologies and of course your employees need to work together to succeed. All four components are subject to constant adaptation processes. The speed of change continues to increase as digitalisation progresses. Market situations change, export opportunities arise, procurement pressure increases, technology continues to evolve.

Transformation projects affect the core of your business, and collaboration across departments and areas is a crucial success factor. Processes and tasks are no longer considered from a functional point of view but are transformed into integrated processes across departments and departments, processes that your employees and your company must accept and live in the future. You must pick up your employees at the beginning of this process of transformation and take them along throughout the project so that they can and also want to actively contribute to the success.


'Basically, change unbalances us humans. It can be a pleasant experience, such as the holiday season, which interrupts our daily routine in a good way. Getting a new car or switching the brand of your smartphone can pose a challenge, but since we bring about such changes ourselves, we see them positively and manage them even with joy. But what if our company turns our workplace and daily routines upside down?'

Claus Bühs, Partner, responsible for the KPS Active Transformation Management Program


KPS Active Transformation Management

Transparency, information and communication are the central helpers to counter any fears and worries your employees may have. Change Management has been an integral part of our KPS Rapid-Transformation method since our foundation. With our carefully orchestrated set of methods, we accompany you in your transformation. In doing so, we offer targeted support in the three fields of action 'Business Integration', 'Qualification' and 'Communication' and guide you and your organization safely into the new business world.
In order to successfully carry out a transformation project and enable your company to actively carry this transformation into the future, the following central points must be addressed:


  • clear top-down communication of the project goals throughout the company and identification of your management team with these goals
  • genuine understanding and communication of the commitment to process and IT standardization and a clear process for deviations from required individual requirements
  • early and ongoing involvement of all stakeholders in the redesign of future processes and their cross-company integration
  • transparent and manageable workload for internal and external resources, formation of different user groups with corresponding tasks
  • open, solution-oriented and continuous communication between business / process owners and IT / project representatives, especially with different requirements of the individual target groups

Your contact:

Martin Binder, Partner

KPS Active Transformation Management

+49 (0) 160 947 616 91

Your contact:

Claus Bühs, Partner

KPS Active Transformation Management

+49 (0) 89 356 31-0

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