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Retailers have never known more about the consumer journey; how they research purchases; how they move between online and offline channels; their preferred delivery and return methods; what loyalty benefits they redeem most frequently. Yet, it has never been harder to retain customers.

Why is this?

While data is enabling retail organizations to zoom in on aspects of the customer experience with laser focus, there are still huge misalignments across end-to-end processes. From inconsistent marketing activities to channel misalignment, there can be moments when shoppers feel like they are getting real value – and moments when they feel their needs aren’t being met.

To change this, retailers need to take a step back from day-to-day demands and look at the consumer journey in its entirety. From first look, to last mile – and beyond – is the experience they must create, supported by joined-up processes and systems. In the busy retail environment, finding the time to step back and understand the bigger picture is not easy.

That is why KPS has surveyed over 1,000 European consumers on their opinions about the current customer experience – and whether it aligns in a world of many channels and touchpoints. Download the results of the study here.

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