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“KPS has developed very dynamically in recent years. The combination of business and IT expertise, plus our clear industry focus, play an important role for customers.”

Jonas Lünendonk, CEO Lünendonk

Lünendonk lists KPS among its top management consultancies.


KPS is a leading consulting partner for the retail sector.   

Besides traditional retail and wholesale companies, we also advise any company that wishes to reposition itself in the wake of digitization and places a greater focus on its customers – whether in the context of B2B or B2C. This is why, in addition to our presence in all the retail segments, we also support the energy supply, public administration, logistics, consumer goods, and industrial or mechanical engineering sectors.

We only employ consultants with the requisite knowledge, experience, and industry background, and continually invest in tools, people, and technologies. With our KPS Rapid Transformation® method, we are able to customize processes and technologies for the respective sector and at the same time leverage new potential through the transfer of knowledge and workflows from other sectors.

Our 80:20 rule – customization versus standardization.

KPS continues to develop process chains, process characteristics, and catalogs of functions for the various sectors. We know that approximately 20 percent of the processes in a transformation project requires special attention whereas the industry standard is suitable for the remaining 80 percent. These processes are generally mapped in suitable standard software and reflect the current best practice within the sector. The remaining 20 percent, however, are company processes that differ significantly from those of the competitors and are therefore of the utmost importance. This is where our consultants step in.

We are one of only a very few companies that are able to cover the entire business spectrum with an omnichannel approach.


In the past, there was a clear focus on merchandise and store management. Today, however, enterprises are moving toward customer management. What this means for us is that we have to be able to cover the entire omnichannel spectrum, including traditional merchandise management, mobile, and e-commerce as well as the comprehensive customer experiencemarketing, sales, service, and customer data management – in terms of strategy, processes, and technologies!

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