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Awarded: Innovation in products, processes and corporate culture

Business magazine CAPITAL honours the most innovative companies in 2021

Munich, 25 March 2021: Which companies are the leaders of innovation and are therefore in the international spotlight? This year, Germany's established business magazine Capital, together with one of the leading data and analysis institutes, Statista, once again addressed this question: In a comprehensive analysis, Capital and Statista determined the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany 2021". The result once again highlighted the above-average performance spectrum of KPS this year.

Executives of the expert panel, the Statista Expert Circle, and representatives of innovation-awarded companies evaluated in detail three innovation areas: Products & Services, Process Innovations and Corporate Culture.

As in the previous year, 20 sectors and industries were evaluated, ranging from the automotive industry and the financial sector to the communications and technology industry. The more than 3200 innovation experts paid particular attention to companies from the pharmaceutical sector and the technology industry that stood out with promising and result-rich innovations in the midst of the Corona pandemic.

By the way: two-thirds of the experts stated in the context of the evaluation that the pandemic was rather spurring innovation activity in Germany than inhibiting it.

In-depth evaluation of innovation fields

Within the scope of the analysis, the participating experts were first asked to recommend companies that they consider to be particularly innovative in their sector. In addition, they were then able to supplement their selection with the help of a "long list" of award-winning companies from 55 innovation competitions of the past three years. The respondents were asked for their assessment of the innovation areas in which the companies they recommended were particularly outstanding: Products and Services, Processes and Corporate Culture. Finally, the participants were asked to indicate how much nine given reasons for recommendation apply to the respective companies.

According to this evaluation, 473 companies from 20 sectors are among the most innovative companies in the country, including KPS: Particularly innovative achievements in the areas of products, consulting and services were credited in the evaluation. As a result, there was an excellent 4-star rating, just like last year.

Through the awards in the last three years, KPS was on the "longlist" of innovative companies for the Products & Services sector. Products from KPS are ready-to-use: From day one, KPS works with companies to design the transformation process across all divisions. With the innovative combination of ready-to-use products and targeted individualisation, KPS quickly achieves clear goals, concrete progress, differentiating results - and more security.

Read more about the award from Capital and Statista in 2020 here:

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