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KPS wins ahead of Microsoft and IFS partners

Best ERP consultants receive "IT-Komet 2020" from IT magazine Computerworld

Munich/Copenhagen, 9 December 2020 - The IT-Komet-Award 2020 of the IT magazine Computerworld honours the best ERP Consultancies for continuous growth every year. SAP partner KPS took first place, closely followed by a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and an IFS partner.

KPS Consulting A/S, the Danish subsidiary of KPS AG, was already a clear winner for Computerworld magazine this year: the company has already been named Denmark's best IT company 2020 in the Computerworld Top 100. Since its foundation in 2014, the KPS team has been gaining momentum on the Danish market - and was once again rewarded with first place as "Best ERP Consultancy".

From the Danish office, KPS serves the entire Scandinavian market together with the newly opened offices in Stockholm and Oslo. Strong growth through successful projects made KPS one of the strongest SAP partners in the Nordic countries. In Scandinavia, the company has around 60 consultants, who can also access KPS's network of specialists and delivery organisation within Europe at any time.

Jørgen Klüwer, Managing Director KPS, is pleased with the visible success:

"Being among Denmark's fastest growing ERP Consultancies, and even taking first place, even ahead of a Microsoft and IFS partner, is a great recognition of our work. I would like to thank our customers and our great colleagues who have made this No.1 position possible!"

The Danish branch of KPS has increased its turnover by more than 300 percent in the last two years, placing it at the top of the list of companies that have achieved constant and sustainable growth over the last four years.


More information about the growth of KPS Consulting and the "Best IT Company" award can be found here:

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