SAP Commerce Omni-Channel Order Management at Christ

The challenge

CHRIST Juweliere & Uhrmacher, a German chain of jewelers and watchmakers, generates revenue of more than EUR 400 million through more than 200 stores and its online shop. The store and online shop sales channels were not integrated, and synergies between stationary and online business were going untapped. For example, remainders at brick-and-mortar stores could not be sold online. The aim was to reduce idle times for staff at the stores at times of the day when business was weak.

The solution

Implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud Omni-Chanel Order Management in the existing online shop. Dedicated import of store inventory into the e-commerce platform. Enhancement of the front- and back-end processes to include sales from store inventory within the online shop, without this being apparent to visitors. Enhanced omnichannel experience for customers as a result. Implementation of the order management back end at stores for the pick-and-pack process.

The customer benefit

Following initial skepticism in the stores, the implementation proved to be a complete success. Going forward, the stores want to be even more tightly integrated into the system than initially planned. The following concrete benefits were delivered by implementing SAP Commerce Cloud:

  • Integration of stores into the omnichannel strategy
  • A significant increase in store revenue
  • Better utilization of store employees
  • Sales of dormant stock/remainders

Nils Pröpper, Business Development

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