COOP DENMARK: every third dane is a member at denmarks retail market leader.

Facts & Figures


  • Danish retail cooperation with 35% market share
  • 1.7 Mio. members - equaling 30% of the population
  • 1.200 stores
  • Formats: Fakta, DagliBrugsen, SuperBrugsen, Kvickly, Irma
  • Coop Invest, Coop Bank, Coop Amba, Coop Trading
  • 40.000 employees
  • ~ 50 Bn. kroner turnover

Coop Denmark was founded in 1866 – and is not only one of the oldest – still active – grocery retailers in Europe but with 1.200 stores, 40.000 employees and a market share of 35%, Coop is also a major grocery retailer in Denmark.

Coop’s membership program has 1,6 million members (in a country with 5,7 Mill. citizens)! This is a brand indeed well-known to every person in Denmark. If you are Danish you will most likely have worked at Coop at some point in your life – or at least you will be shopping in one of the different store formats during the week or on-line at

KPS and COOP have started a full-blown transformation initiative implementing SAP technology including S/4HANA  with most processes ranging from Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Promotions, Store Integration and more.

Reshape and transform rapidly. Your business in a digital world.