"Competition in the future will come down to which player has the more innovative solution."

Michael Tsifidaris, Founder and chairman KPS
Markus Wilhelm, Head of Innovation Center Machine Learning KPS:  "The world around us is changing, and with all the information we have at our fingertips, it can feel like we are drowning in buzzwords. This viral effect of buzzwords is no coincidence. As humans, we seek information and find terminology. But what is the actual meaning behind it all? At our Innovation Center, we make it our business to get to the bottom of the new technologies and discover how these technologies can benefit us today in the real world?“

At our Innovation Centers in Germany, Spain and the UK, we explore the very latest technologies and their potential. The campus is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. We bring together people with various skills to create new products and solutions for our customers and ourselves.


HIER FOTO oder Fotos von Florian Reimann und Jan Blumbach ROMAN F.ORIGINAL!! Manfred bitte bearbeiten lassen wenn möglich.... vielleicht freisteller?

Darunter ihre Aussage:

Neue Technologien sind unsere Leidenschaft. Sie möchten sich gezielt über mögliche Potenziale informieren und gemeinsam mit unserem Team praktische Anwendungsfälle skizzieren? Treffen wir uns bei Ihnen zum Innovation-Workshop oder besuchen Sie unsere Showcases im KPS Innovation Campus Dortmund.

Und dann ihre KOntaktdaten

Florian Reimann (xing, linkedin) und Jan Blumbach (xing, linkedin), KPS Innovation Campus




We have been continually developing the KPS Rapid Transformation method since the company's foundation. We understand that, for our customers, it is vital to implement new initiatives as swiftly as possible and see an early benefit from innovative concepts and models.

Today’s CFO is updated on the latest sales figures on his way into the office – by his personal chatbot on his smartphone.

Contact our Machine Learning experts to find out more:


How was the revenue in nothern Germany yesterday?

Innovation in Consulting

“An innovative mindset is part of our DNA and always has been. We continue to revolutionize and optimize our consultation services, employing new elements and strategies in digitization projects. To support our customers, we deliver innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies that simplify processes and improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our Innovation Campus provides a platform that supports dialog between KPS employees across all departments and locations.”

Leonardo Musso, Founder and CEO KPS