Why You Should Choose Us

"Expertise is our greatest asset. That’s why the focus is always on further training."

Till Austerschmidt, Manager

"You'll never walk alone!"

Fadi Jaber, Associate Partner

"For me, KPS is synonymous with exciting projects, challenging tasks, and a great team."

Dirk Gunnar Fahrion, Senior Manager

"KPS is a great consulting firm. I appreciate the corporate culture, collaboration with my colleagues, and the excellent management.  I’m proud to be part of this team."

Jennifer Speicher, Senior Consultant

"KPS allows me to focus firmly on the things that are necessary to succeed."

Tobias Götz, Partner

"I work for KPS in Denmark. Our projects vary in size and scope, this keeps our job interesting and challenging. We have a great team here."

Ida Lønstrup, Senior Solution Architect

"Innovation, speed, change, flexibility, team spirit: These are all qualities that I see as characterizing KPS and that give me the opportunity and freedom to create things others can only talk about."

Markus Wilhelm, Associate Partner

"It’s great to be able to work on different projects. This makes my job really varied, exciting, and challenging."


Melanie Teuchert, Senior Consultant

"For me, KPS is synonymous with a high degree of professionalism and creativity – it motivates me time and time again to give my best, together with my colleagues, for our clients."

Bianca Menzel, Partner

"We have a very strong, experienced team and really interesting projects. KPS is growing rapidly and successfully. This presents me with ever new challenges and involves incredibly exciting tasks. That’s why KPS is the right place for me."

Matthias Nollenberger, Vice President

"E-Commerce projects are multifaceted. And that means I gain new experiences every day. This, along with my friendly colleagues and interesting clients, is what makes KPS an excellent employer."

Felix Jungermann, Senior Architect

"My work at KPS is more than just a job – it’s something very close to my heart."

Sabrina Jung, Senior Consultant

"I’m glad to be with KPS. They expect me to shoulder a lot of personal responsibility and act in an entrepreneurial manner. That gives me plenty of scope for action and makes my job so unique."

Olaf Holzberger, Partner

"We have a real can-do attitude. This motivates us as a team and makes us really strong. I feel a lot of personal satisfaction with our achievements."

Guido Simonis, Managing Partner

"Flexibility and trust are more than just buzzwords; they are values that we put into practice. And that makes work fun."

Dirk Brambring, Senior Manager

"A great atmosphere, mutual trust, scope and potential for further development: I’ve found my dream job at KPS."

Yan Shen, Senior Quality Manager

"At KPS, I’m impressed by my colleagues’ willingness to help. Coming up with solutions in the team is fun, and you learn a lot, too."

Michael Glasder, Developer

"KPS is like FC Bayern. It’s a team for professionals only. And who doesn’t want to play with the pros?"

Reza Nell, Senior Manager