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In the KPS blog, experts write about the Digital Transformation - here, background knowledge and facts are conveyed and, above all, you find inspiration for your own entrepreneurial transformation. Each article shows a new perspective - the blog series deal with the new big topics of the future.


The authors of the Instant Insights in the KPS blog are experts on their topic and are happy to answer any questions you as a reader may have! Feel free to get in touch.

Seeing the Future: Proactive Analytics and the CFO
By on Dec 6, 2022 / Reading time:
Can your business predict the future? With new data analysis tools, CFOs are using predictive analytics to create profitable futures for their enterprises and playing unprecedented roles in strategic decision-making.
Is your B2B ready to provide next-level CX?
By KPS on Nov 18, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
Let us talk about the challenges that are stopping great customer experiences in B2B from getting off the ground. Speaking on a recent roundtable hosted by KPS, industry leaders in the area came together to discuss: What is holding businesses back?
KPS Instant Invoice Management
By Axel Beck on Nov 10, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
Axel Beck, expert for Invoice Management Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, and Document Capturing & Extraction at KPS, explained to us in an interview how the digitisation solution works, what advantages it offers and which companies benefit from its use.
One loyalty programme for all customers? Generation Z thinks differently.
By Mirjam Markert on Sep 23, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
In order to bind different buyer groups to the brand, more is needed than a generic customer loyalty programme. How can different customer groups, especially new customer groups, be addressed and what role does social media play in this context?
Direct versus indirect - how do I calculate my cash flow statement?
By Julia Eckert on Aug 16, 2022 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Within the framework of the annual financial statement, every listed company is obliged to ensure insights into the balance sheet, profit & loss statement as well as the origin and use of financial resources. The latter, the so-called cash flow statement, can basically be determined using two methods - the indirect and the direct method.
Recognise and avoid mistakes: How to make your SAP Concur implementation a success
By Andreas Pagh Andersen on Aug 10, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
The more a company's sphere of activity branches out internationally, the higher the risk of either getting lost in an exuberant diversity of variants or completely losing sight of important special cases. A transformation project with SAP Concur must therefore focus on implementing variants as much as necessary, but as little as possible.
Digital marketplaces are the new eCommerce battleground
By Branwell Moffat on Aug 1, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
Like many terms within eCommerce, there isn’t an official definition of a digital marketplace, but you can easily view it as an eCommerce website that allows multiple third-party merchants to sell their products or services through it.
CFO Focus: Environment and Sustainability
By Jørgen Klüwer on Jul 12, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
As businesses move into the post-pandemic phase of their development, CFOs must focus on how sustainability and the environment now impact every aspect of their enterprise’s processes, and directly affect profitability.
Are Next-Generation CFOs expanding their people skills?
By Neill Smith on Jun 29, 2022 / Reading time: 3 min.
As businesses evolve, it has become clear that leaders that can develop and articulate high levels of emotional intelligence will have profitable businesses and loyal workforces.
How to keep customers satisfied?
By Julian Drees on Jun 22, 2022 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Implement effective customer loyalty programmes.
Building long-term customer loyalty is an important and strategic goal in the retail industry. Can this goal be achieved with the help of well thought-out programmes?

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